if you’re a homestuck who doesn’t eat betty crocker anymore i’m going to assume something is wrong with you because betty crocker is fucking delicious and homestuck is not real

i see your url
you cant fool me batterwitch

i agree. there’s no passing me with your slick schemes. i KNOW you’re just trying to lull us into a fake sense of comfort before you take over the world. i’ve been telling everyone, but does anyone listen? no. 


the true meaning of “ollie outie”


the true meaning of “ollie outie”


Oppa Gungnam Style!



me and egbert have left the main stream for a while

#Hipsterstuck dave and john

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EB: this is john egbert

EB: here to say that dave striders blog suuuuuuuucks!!!

EB: irony is too mainstream


And lastly what we took pictures for this yesterday as well and I finished editing it this morning. 



Here’s the video. Sorry it’s so windy. Ray just grabbed my head band because I started wearing his glasses and pretended to be Dave. So this is what I go. Also we just finished cleaning off the fake blood, so we’re kind of stained from it. 

why im not allowed to have sweets


So some of the pictures from spending time with my moirail today. (I make a bad Rose so that’s why I’m not in a lot of the shots, plus I just wanted to take pictures of Ray.) I feel bad for the children we might have scared. I love the picture with the close up of the shades, I just wish you couldn’t see my reflection. Ugh! 

But below are some less serious shots.

I’ll also be uploading a derpy video. So look forward to that!